Clifton Builders, LLC. and Clifton Development Group, LLC.  are specialized real estate firms located in Amarillo, Texas.  We are focused in new residential construction,  land development, and restoration of unique properties.  Our team is dedicated to creating spectacular properties that blend old world characteristics with the modern elements of today’s living. Our custom properties are designed to be one of a kind and we will oversee all aspects of the creative process. We are constantly searching for investment opportunities and will work with you or your group to locate and develop innovative real estate projects that will produce a solid return. Working with proven general contractors and sales teams we have the combined experience to build your next dream home or increase your investment portfolio through our exclusive development model.


Our passion for real estate stems from our love of historical architecture and the implementation of modern – classic design. We strive to create inspirational places to live and consider each property to be a work of art.

Our vision for Clifton Development Group, LLC. is to not only develop properties locally but to feed our entrepreneurial nature with future developments nationwide. As we travel, we pull ideas from different cities and countries that we find inspiring. We will continue to locate, restore, and construct buildings and residences that are eye catching and functional.

Our vision for Clifton Builders, LLC. is to build structures that are not only sound but beautiful and inspiring as well.  We focus on the way people live in and use a space in addition to the design. We do not want to fall into one specific category of building as we take each opportunity to create properties that are fun and inspirational.

We will continue to be influenced by all forms of real estate and will push the boundaries when needed. Real estate  is not only our business it is our hobby and creative outlet. Our relationships with quality investors and new clientele are certain to take us to the next level.

Our Team

Canyon Clifton- President, Developer & Builder

Kaki Clifton- Vice President & Creative Director

Matt Freitas- Super Intendant & Project Manager

Rick Elgin- Project Manager, Construction and Metal Buildings

Cooper Clifton- Development Coordinator


We are members of:

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